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Leading With Grit. Inspiring Action And Accountability With Generosity, Respect, Integrity, And Truth

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Improve yourself – and your workplace – with GRIT Leading With GRIT is a practical and proven guide for transforming the workplace, offering pragmatic insight on value-based strategies that improve the individual and the business

Based on the author's proprietary principles of GRIT Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth this book describes how working toward individual improvement produces better organizational results than traditional approaches that focus on collective improvement

Each chapter includes activities that assist with implementation, moving beyond the theoretical framework commonly taught in business school to provide a more practical approach to personal development

In essence, Leading With GRIT is a handbook for improving the bottom line by improving the lives and outlook of those who contribute to it.

Learn why the principles of GRIT have proven so effective Apply GRIT in communications for better productivity Discover how each person impacts those around them Cultivate a positive, constructive attitude for less stress and more growth GRIT helps readers make themselves and their workplaces happier and healthier, decreasing stress, sparking personal growth, retaining employees, and developing mindful leaders

Readers are introduced to GRIT with a framework that can be applied in any workplace scenario, and are provided with strategies for applying GRIT to communication and intra-office operations

The approach stands out for its unique, personal approach that melds values-based principles with business concepts to produce spectacular results

The principles of GRIT are exactly the sort of instruction leaders are encouraging, and companies worldwide are willing to invest large sums

This book is the complete guide to GRIT, with an emphasis on practicality

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